Transocean Coatings - an explanation

The Association came into existence on January 1 st, 1959.

It was formed as an organisation of usually privately owned companies, one in each country, pooling their resources in Marketing and R & D for their mutual benefit in the Marine market.

Transocean offers its Member Companies the benefits of a worldwide network and the opportunity to compete with the chemical and industrial giants in terms of marketing, sales, research and product development.

Over the years various Transocean members have used Transocean formulations too in other markets where product requirements were similar to the ones in the marine market. Therefore Transocean extended its activities into the offshore / protectice coatings market and in the yacht market as well. Because of this the Association's name was lately changed. The well known smiling dophin stands now for:

Transocean Coatings - A cooperation of paint manufacturers in:

marine off-shore protective yachting







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