26 Feb 2019 - Grupo Solid/ Sytec joins Transocean
Grupo Solid is the paints & coatings market leader in gallons in Central America, with a broad brand portfolio including Paleta, Corona, Modelo and Sytec.

21 Apr 2016 - Transocean Coatings partners with Delfin Coatings in Chile

Visite nuestros stand A329 en AQUASUR a realizarse desde el 19 al 22 de Octubre en la ciudad de Puerto Montt, Chile.

04 Mar 2016 - Meet Transocean at MOC 2016

From April 19-21, the Meditterenean Offshore Conference and Exhibition is held in Alexandria, Egypt. Transocean Coatings will be present through it's member company Sipes at booth C22.

04 Mar 2016 - Transocean Coatings launch in India.

Transocean Coatings welcomes its new member company Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd.

21 Nov 2014 - Weir chooses Transocean paint system

Transocean South-Africa has been quite active this year. The combination of good technical service and excellent products have made in-roads nationwide as well as in neighbouring countries too. The cases of Weir Minerals and Grindrod Locomotives are two excellent examples.

21 Nov 2014 - Transocean wins maintenance contract of YPF

Transocean's member company in Argentina, Pinturas Platamar has won a 3 year contract of YPF for supplying paint systems to all their facilities. The value amounts close to 1 million US dollar.

03 Sep 2014 - Smaltolin of Greece starts as Transocean member

Smaltolin has been manufacturing coatings in Greece since 1985.The emphasis has always been on industrial and marine coatings and over the years Smaltolin's activities grew not only in the Greek market but in foreign markets too.

23 Apr 2014 - Transocean Coating systems pass IMO-COT test.

Transocean Coating systems have successfully passed the requirements for coating systems to be used in Crude Oil Tanks (COT).

03 Oct 2012 - Drydocking B/T Donghai

Recently the vessel B/T Donghai was painted by Transocean in Tandanor Shipyard. The complete outside hull was refurbished by using a high performance anticorrosive system of 2 coats of Transpoxy Masterbond.

03 Oct 2012 - Transocean for Sumed Oil Tanks

Largest Oil Tanks in Egypt painted by Transocean.

Transocean Coatings has been selected for protecting the tanks due to its excellent track record of earlier projects done for Sumed.

27 Apr 2012 - Transocean projects at Tandanor

Transocean paints are well-known at Tandanor Shipyard and Transocean member company in Argentina, Pinturas Platamar is appreciated by many Tandanor customers because of their excellent service. This reputation is valued by local and international customers alike.

31 Mar 2012 - Largest gas field in world protected with Transocean Paints

South Pars Gas field is the biggest independent gas reserve in the world which is shared by Iran ‎and Qatar.  Transocean is the main paint supplier to the project and recently the General Manager of Transocean has visited the sites.

16 Mar 2012 - Naiqasiqasi floating dock protection

IMEL provides dry docking services to vessels up to 75 meters in length and displacement 3500 metric tonne. The dock was brought in from Japan and required some repairs and a fresh look before it was put to work.
Apco Coatings, Transocean’s member in the South-Pacific provided the paint and supporting services.

16 Mar 2012 - Overhaul for Ice-class chemical tanker.

Transocean Turkey secured the drydock for the Italian shipowner Finbeta at Gemak Shipyard in Tuzla. Finbeta S.p.a. is an Italian shipping company based in Savona and controlled by the Bertani family .....

16 Mar 2012 - Exhibition activities Transocean

Transocean members have been active at various exhibitions this autumn. For instance on the Indonesia Maritime Epxo 2010, which was held from September 29 till October 1st in Jakarta.

Transocean Technical Manager, Mr. Bert de Bok gave a presentation at the technical seminar associated with the Exhibition. Transocean member company for Indonesia is Sunny Paint and it's managing director ...

28 Apr 2011 - Transocean systems approved by Shell

Last year Transocean completed the first part of testing series according to the specifications of Shell Global. These specifications describe paint systems for the various areas on offshore installations as well as to which technical standards these paint systems should comply with in order to be approved.
Several test methods were used to simulate the harsh conditions of the maritime ...

10 Jun 2010 - Construction platforms for Salman field (Persian gulf)

The Salman oil and gas field is located near Sirri Island, 40km west of Abu Mussa Island, having an 18 square kilometers area and is shared by Iran and the UAE. Some 70 percent of the offshore gas field is located at Iranian waters and the remaining 30 percent in the Persian Gulf Arab sheikhdom.

Salman field is to ...

17 May 2010 - 'Flotar Christina': first vessel of ambitious new building program launched on naval day.
Last year the Government of Argentina initiated an ambitious program called Nacion Leasing aimed to stimulate inland shipping on the Rio Plata. The River springs in Brazil, shapes the border of Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina only to finally mound in the Atlantic Sea, and through the urban areas of Buenos Aires. Shipping is possible over a length of more than ...

17 May 2010 - Product highlight - Transoweld Primer 1.56
Any pre-construction primer must meet critical parameters for compatibility with the welding process. Weld through primer must not reduce weld strength and likewise it must not create a weld deficient in porosity and other aspects. For decades, Transocean Shopprimers have been successfully used for the temporary protection of steel.

Demands for increased productivity, varying climates as well as the introduction ...

17 May 2010 - Dry Docking news – Ukraine
Since 2000 Transocean is active in Odessa where it has a stock and office. Various types of vessels have been painted and the picture gallery gives a small selection of the jobs done. The most popular antifouling is Transocean Optima and in fact Transocean Optima is the antifouling of choice for Coast Guard and Port Authority vessels. It is a ...

17 May 2010 - Antarctic explorer protected by Transpoxy Masterbond
Akademik Shokalskiy was originally designed and built in Finland for polar and oceanographic research. The ship is small, nimble, and ice-strengthened, capable of reaching the nooks and crannies of Antarctica that many larger ships cannot.

The vessel is now used by an American Adventure company named Quark Expeditions who organise tours to the Antartic for their costumers. The vessel can ...

17 May 2010 - Project News - Dubai
Iran Abadan and Iran Abadeh are A-class Tankers from National Iranian Tanker Co. (NITC). The vessels have an overall length of 248 m and a depth of 20 m. Operational speed of these 98.000 DWT vessels is 15 knots. Both vessels were recently dry docked in Dubai Drydock for major refurbishment of the exterior hull painting system.

A high ...

17 May 2010 - Petrojet offshore projects select Transocean paints for protection
One of the better-known success stories among international oil and gas companies over the past 25 years has been Egypt’s dedicated and respected construction arm, Petrojet, the undisputed leader in the fabrication, construction and installation of processing plants, pipelines and industrial facilities.

The backbone of Petrojet is its 15,000-strong work force. The ratio of engineers to workers at ...

17 May 2010 - Project highlight: The South Pars Field
The Iranian South Pars field is the northern extension of Qatar’s giant North Field. It covers an area of 500 square miles and is located 3,000m below the seabed at a water depth of 65m. The Iranian side accounts for 10% of the world’s and 60% of Iran’s total gas reserves. Iran’s portion of the ...

28 Feb 2007 - Excellent results Transocean in Benchmark test

Recently the corrosion resistance of some standard Transocean epoxy coatings were compared against well-known other brand products.

The comparison was done by salt spray testing in accordance to ASTM B-117. This test is a static test of continuous 5% Sodium chloride solution sprayed on the panels at a temperature of 35 °C.

The paints were applied on 2 type of ...

28 Feb 2007 - ‘Master’ protection for Master tec production
From small beginnings in 1975, Ready Mix Beton group has now grown into a vast organization with an international presence in countries such as U.A.E, Qater, Saudi-Arabia and Egypt.

The group yearly supplies some 2,1 million cubic meters of concrete.

In order to boost the ready mix operation, RMB started in Cairo, Egypt a manufacturing division of ...

28 Feb 2007 - News from the Emirate
Transocean member in Untied Arab Emirates, National Paints made good progress in sales over the last years. First they achieved that Transocean Paints was awarded with the 3-year contract for supplying paints for maintenance of all facilities of National Drilling Corporation, a part of the Abu Dhabi based ADNOC.

Secondly, a 2-year contract was won for supplying all paints to ...

28 Feb 2007 - Transacryl Finish brightens designer bridge
Being Transocean’s member company in Argentina since 1997, Pinturas Platamar has achieved a leading position of Transocean Coatings in the marine market in Argentina. At the same time Transocean Coatings are being used frequently on other objects too.

A fine example is the ‘Puente de las Mujer’, a pedestrian bridge located in one of the tourist spots of Buenos ...

28 Feb 2007 - Drydocking news
Transocean protects largest vessel of Pacific King Shipping.

Singapore based Pacific King Shipping was established in 1998 and since then, their fleet size has grown to a current strength of 23 vessels. The fleet comprises Handysize, Panamax and Capesize vessels, which are utilised to transport a variety of dry bulk cargoes as well as liquid cargoes out of regions such ...

28 Feb 2007 - Face-lift for 50 year old lady
She has 3 masts of which the maximum height of the main mast is approx. 56 m. Altogether, the total sail area comprises 2562 square meter.

Her length including bowsprit amounts some 104 m and her displacement is 3765 tonnes.

Her maiden voyage was in 1962 and she has won the Boston Teapot trophy in 1966, 1976, 1981, 1987, 1992 ...

27 Oct 2005 - Anyplace, Anywhere: Protection in Fiji!
The cement plant of Fiji Industries ltd. was originally commissioned in 1962 and, after several renovations during the years has an approximate production capacity of 300 tonnes per day. Fiji Industries Limited supplies Fiji and neigh- bouring Pacific Island countries with high quality, locally-made cement and several resorts in Fiji as well as Nadi international airport are realised with their ...

27 Oct 2005 - Transocean Coatings selected for maintenance of all NDC facilities
Recently, Transocean won the 5-year contract to supply all paints to NDC on- and offshore facilities. NDC (National Drilling Company) is a part of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), one of the world’s leading companies with major oil reserves. NDC was established in May 1972 to handle drilling operations required for exploration and field development as well as ...

27 Oct 2005 - Record time overhaul in Argentina
Every once in a while, Transocean advisors find themselves with almost a mission impossible. Such seemed to be the case when the floating Casino, ‘Estrella de la Fortuna’ (literally ‘star of fortune’) located in Buenos Aires port had to be drydocked for main-tenance. However, every day spent in dock would mean a tremendous loss of income as the casino is ...

27 Oct 2005 - Clean ships only for Naviera Armamex
Mexico based ship owner Naviera Armamex operates different classes of vessels like tug boats, tankers as well as cargo vessels. They all have in common that protection against fouling and corrosion is provided by Transocean Coatings. Paricutin was one of the 6 vessels painted with Transocean Coatings.

The picture ...

12 Nov 2004 - Reach for the sky! Monumental protection in Kazakhstan
Through member company National Paints, Transocean has been active in Kazakhstan for several years. Being the only foreign brand with production facilities in Kazakhstan, Transocean products as well as costumer service are highly appreciated in the market.

For instance, the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan was celebrated with the 97 m tall Astana-Baiterek monument located in Astana, the ...

21 Feb 2003 - Protective power by Transocean Coatings in Central America!
More than 90% of the total energy generated in Costa Rica is coming from "green sources". Hydroelectric and Geothermic Power stations can be found all through Costa Rica. The amount of paint involved in each project is dependent on the length and the dimension of the pipes. Pipe length can vary to a hundred meters to a few kilometres while ...

24 Oct 2002 - Recent works from Apco Coatings.
Apco Coatings, a division of Asian Paints, are Transocean's member company for the Australasian-Pacific region with factories/offices in Australia, New Zealand and on many Pacific Islands such as Fiji and the Solomon islands.
Fiji's main and largest island, Vita Levu, is where the shipping industry is located and also where repair facilities are available.

Since the island ...

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