Antarctic explorer protected by Transpoxy Masterbond

Akademik Shokalskiy was originally designed and built in Finland for polar and oceanographic research. The ship is small, nimble, and ice-strengthened, capable of reaching the nooks and crannies of Antarctica that many larger ships cannot.

The vessel is now used by an American Adventure company named Quark Expeditions who organise tours to the Antartic for their costumers. The vessel can accommodate 48 guest and is equipped with Zodiacs.

The vessel was docked at Tandanor shipyard in October 2007 for full hull refurbishment. To protect the vessel on its trip through icy waters, a heavy duty coating definitely is required and for this reason Transpoxy Masterbond was applied on the complete outside hull. A full coat of Transocean Cleanship Antifouling completed the underwater system while a coat of Transacryl Finish in the shade of Ultramarine Blue on the topsides ensures a prolonged esthetic appearance until next docking.
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