Anyplace, Anywhere: Protection in Fiji!

The cement plant of Fiji Industries ltd. was originally commissioned in 1962 and, after several renovations during the years has an approximate production capacity of 300 tonnes per day. Fiji Industries Limited supplies Fiji and neigh- bouring Pacific Island countries with high quality, locally-made cement and several resorts in Fiji as well as Nadi international airport are realised with their products. The company is committed to meeting proper and acceptable standards for the protection of the environment and as such has adopted a clear policy on the environment and taken a number of important measures to improve environmental performance.

One of these projects included the installation of a new $600,000 packing plant with modern air filtration equipment designed to control dust during cement packing. This level of dedication was also reflected in their decision to upgrade the protective coating system of the facility. Fiji Industries required not only a quality paint systems but also supplied by a company that could provide a professional service. Choosing Transocean Coatings was therefore the logical result. Transocean paints are produced by Apco Coatings for several decades on the island and besides supplying paint systems to commercial vessels and yachts, Apco Coatings has successfully used Transocean Coating systems for on-shore protection too. In case of Fiji industries, the first phase of the complete renovation project was repainting all silos together with their fleet of trucks. The system used consisted of a epoxy priming system and finished with a high quality urethane finish will provide a medium to high durability according to definitions stated in ISO 12944 standard. At the time when the picture was taken, paint was finalised and after removal of all scaffolding, the first phase has been completed. Next phase would include renovation of production areas, conveyor belts etc. and of course, the team of Apco Coatings is ready to provide a suitable Transocean Coating system.
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