Argentina C launch

The baptism of the "Argentine C" took place on July 18th, 2019 at the dock E of the Metropolitan Port and was attended by several officials from Ministries and Argentine Navy because the vessel may be used as training vessel for future Naval officers of the Merchant Marine.

The "Argentina C" has a length of 127 meters, width of 22.5 meters and a load capacity of 832 TEUS with a displacement of 7,800 tons. It is the result of a major conversion project of an old RoRo ferry which was out of service due to a fire. Several years back, National Merchant Marine decided to purchase the vessel and re-opened the UTE Ramallo national shipyard.


Construction stage Final completion


Right from the beginning of the project, in 2017, Transocean was involved as sole paint supplier. The conversion included the addition of another deck section, renewal of all interior infrastructure and replacement of the old superstructure by a new and larger unit. During the initial steel work, cutting and welding, steel plates were protected with Transvinyl Primer, a modified epoxy shop primer with excellent long term recoatability.


After completion of the construction work, the complete vessel was painted with 2 coats of Transpoxy Masterbond as major anticorrosive. Transocean Cleanship 291 was selected as Antifouling system for below waterline areas.

Topsides were finished with Transurethane Finish while all superstructure areas were painted with Transunilac Finish 331.

The pictures show some early stages in the process as well as the final result.
With an investment of more than 13 million dollars, an inactive ship was transformed into a modern container ship meeting all IMO regulations. The vessel will start with sea-trials later in 2019.

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