Clean ships only for Naviera Armamex

Mexico based ship owner Naviera Armamex operates different classes of vessels like tug boats, tankers as well as cargo vessels. They all have in common that protection against fouling and corrosion is provided by Transocean Coatings. Paricutin was one of the 6 vessels painted with Transocean Coatings.

The picture shows the 25 year old tanker entering shipyard Talleres Navales, a J.Ray McDermott subsidiary in Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico. The complete outside hull of the 5700 DWT vessel was blast cleaned to Sa 2 – ISO 8501 and subsequently Transpoxy Masterbond was used as the priming system. Transpoxy Masterbond is a high- solid, high build epoxy coating and can tolerate a lower degree of surface preparation such as Sa 2-ISO 8501 or St 3-ISO 8501 for immersion services. The coating does not contain coaltar, isocyanates or toxic pigments and therefore helps to improve working conditions of the applicator. Tin-free selfpolishing antifouling Transocean Cleanship 2.95 was the logical choice as the vessel operates in the Mexican Gulf, which requires a higher level of fouling control.

Finally, topsides received 1 layer of high build Transurethane Finish 3.44 leaving Paricutin as good as new.
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