Dry Docking news – Ukraine

Since 2000 Transocean is active in Odessa where it has a stock and office. Various types of vessels have been painted and the picture gallery gives a small selection of the jobs done. The most popular antifouling is Transocean Optima and in fact Transocean Optima is the antifouling of choice for Coast Guard and Port Authority vessels. It is a conventional Antifouling with a limited lifetime but therefore also attractive in price. It also carries the Lloyds certificate for compliance with the IMO resolution on recognised tinfree Antifoulings.

How it became the preferred Antifouling is a peculiar history. In the past the Coast Guard vessels were painted with another suppliers antifouling that did not provide adequate protection. It happened to be that during one of the inspection trips in the Blask Sea, the Coast Guard located a Turkish Fishing vessel active in Ukranian waters. The Coast Guard forced the vessel to Odessa port as they had no admission to fish in Ukranian waters. The matter was settled in an amicable way and soon typical seaman discussions developed between Coast Guard staff and the crew of the Turkish vessel. One question to the Turkish crew was in fact why their ship was free of fouling. By now the reader may guess the answer; yes indeed the antifouling on the Turkish vessel was Transocean Optima. The picture gallery shows a selection of the jobs done in Odessa Yards.
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