Drydocking B/T Donghai

National Shipping  is an Argentinean company and part of a consortium with Naviera Sur Petrolera S.A. Both companies are active in maritime transportation of hydrocarbons and heavy fuels through South America. The companies operate a fleet of tankers, barges and tugboats.

Transocean Paints have been used before by National Shipping for instance on the B/T Virasoro and for the new construction of  Tugboat Barranqueras (picture right).

Recently the vessel B/T Donghai was painted by Transocean in Tandanor Shipyard. The complete outside hull was refurbished by using a high performance anticorrosive system of 2 coats of Transpoxy Masterbond.As a finish, Transacryl Finish grey was selected for topsides and Transocean Cleanship Antifouling for underwater areas.

The whole drydocking was supervised completely from arrival to undocking by the Transocean inspector. 

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