Drydocking news

Transocean protects largest vessel of Pacific King Shipping.

Singapore based Pacific King Shipping was established in 1998 and since then, their fleet size has grown to a current strength of 23 vessels. The fleet comprises Handysize, Panamax and Capesize vessels, which are utilised to transport a variety of dry bulk cargoes as well as liquid cargoes out of regions such as Southeast Asia , Russia , India , and South America into Asia .

The latest addition to their fleet, as per 31 December 2005, was their largest vessel to date, being the Capesize bulk carrier ‘Cologny’ with a tonnage capacity of 149,477 DWT.

At her last drydocking in China, Transocean Coatings won the order to supply all paint during the drydocking. The ‘Cologny’ was primed with Transpoxy Barrier 2.16, our regular surface tolerant epoxy coating followed by Transvinpox HS 2.06, a high-build epoxy tiecoat with dual action features.

Transvinypox HS 2.06 combines excellent anticorrosive properties and good recoatability with various finish products including antifouling paints such as Transocean Cleanship 2.95, which was applied on Cologny too.

Drydocking news – Egypt
Welfare Diana is a general cargo ship under management of New Marine Shipping.

The 110 meter long vessel docked in Port Towfik, Suez Canal where Transocean was selected to paint the outside, decks and engine room.

The system used was applied under Transocean supervision and consisted of Transvinyl Primer 1.48 and Transocean Cleanship 2.91 Antifouling.

Transunilac Finish 3.31 was used as a finish for topsides.

General Cargo vessel M/V Nordana was another vessel in Port Towfik that was painted with a similar system.

The 15.000 DWT vessel came in for a full refurbishment of the underwater hull. Surface tolerant epoxy coating Transpoxy Barrier was selected as the priming layer followed by Transvinypox. A system of 2 coats of Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 2.91 completed the drydocking of the 140 meter long Nordana.

Drydocking news - Dubai
In Dubai Drydocks, a full Transocean paint system was applied on Reefer vessel ‘SAM’. The 104 m long and 16 wide vessel is owned by Panama based Barbarella Shipping. The underwater areas was primed with 2 coats of high build surface tolerant epoxy Transpoxy Masterbond followed by 1 coat of Transvinpox and finished with 2 coats of Transocean Cleanship 2.93 Antifouling, sufficient to last for 3 years service.

The topside was painted with Transpoxy Masterbond following by Transpoxy ARC, the coating of choice when excellent abrasion resistance is desired. A final coat of Transurethane Finish 3.43 completed the drydocking of ‘SAM’.
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