CMT Group strengthen Transocean in Caspian

CMT Group LLC is a construction and production company founded in 2010, although the activities originate back to 1995.  CMT Group LLC is active in various sectors which are:

Construction and application activities such as:

  • Painting facades and interiors of buildings
  • Epoxy floor coatings application
  • Interior decorative paint application
  • Floor cover application with “Nora”
  • Waterproofing application

Production and sales of chemical products such as:

“Penguin” and “Zink” construction and wooden paints production and sales

“Epo” concrete additives, cement and gypsum putties production and sales

“Knarr” industrial, marine and furniture paints production and sales

The company is respected and renowned for supplying quality products and service.
It is no surprise CMT Group has supplied to prestigious projects in the country such as the Government house and various 5-star hotels in Baku.
CMT group is also active in the industrial market and especially successful in supplying high quality floorings solutions for car parks, showrooms, wharehouses and industrial facilities.

Now, being part of the Transocean group of companies, CMT Group will be able to add the Transocean range of products to their activities and thereby expand their presence in the industrial and marine markets in not only in Azerbaidjan but also in neighbouring countries. 

Transocean is pleased with the entrance of CMT Group as it will give the group an excellent market presence in the Caspian Sea region.

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