Largest gas field in world protected with Transocean Paints

South Pars Gas field is the biggest independent gas reserve in the world which is shared by Iran ‎and Qatar.
According to latest figures, the field contains more than ‎‏14‏‎ trillion cubic meters of natural ‎world’s gas reserves and about ‎‏48‏‎ percent of Iran’s confirmed reserves.‎ South Pars phases ‎‏15‏‎ and ‎‏16‏‎ are designed to produce ‎‏50‏‎ millions cubic meters of natural gas, ‎‏80,000‏‎ barrels of condensate, ‎‏400‏‎ tons ‎of Sulphur per day and ‎‏1.05‏‎ million tons of LPG per year and ‎‏1‏‎ million tons of ‎Ethane per year for supplying petrochemical plant as feedstock.‎ 

This project is awarded to consortium leader comprising Arya Shahab CO. as the consortium leader, and a joint venture of IOEC , ISOICO and SAFF .

Transocean is the main paint supplier to the project and recently the General Manager of Transocean has visited the sites. The project has started in 2007 and all steel structures were painted in-shop where the first coat was applied.
Completion of the paint system was done on site and in order to ensure a satisfactory end result, our Transocean inspector was employed full time at the site to supervise all work.
At the time of visit, March 2012, some parts were already in operation.

Total Area Protected;    > 300.000 sq.m
Paints supplied       
Transpoxy Primer               18.674 liters
Transozinc Silicate              2.000 liters
Transozinc Epoxy Primer     6.000 liters
Transosil Finish                  7.000 liters
Transosil Aluminium HR      2.000 liters
Transpoxy Intermediate     125.000 liters
Transurethane Finish          28.039 liters
Transpoxy Tankguard        35.232 liters

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