Meet Transocean at MOC 2016



Transocean Coatings would like to invite all participants to visit our booth C22.

Our staff will be available to inform you about our products and our projects.

Amongst others, we will demonstrate the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), a technique which makes it possible to measure the barrier properties of a coating (and therefore corrosion resistance) without destructing the coating.

Non destructive EIS measurements provide information about protective properties of intact coating. These properties can not be detected with the conventional test methods.
Due to this, EIS can also be used  for inspection, providing reliable information that can be used for crucial decisions like:

- when maintenance must be executed.
- if complete blasting necessary or can (cheaper) alternatives be used.

In addition the technique would be an ideal evaluation tool for coating selection as EIS measurements are fast and it quantifies the corrosion protection properties of coatings.
Many coating specifiers require salt-spray testing as evaluation tool for coating selection. These tests take 6 months and not always have good correlation with the practice. EIS measurements typically take 3 weeks and also quantifies the corrosion protection properties of coatings.

That Transocean Coatings offers good quality products is already wider known in the Middle-East. For instance, PMS owned Stinger structure PMS 11 was painted in 2007 by Transocean Coatings.
Painting was completed at the Petrojet El-Maadia Yard and Transpoxy Masterbond Aluminium was used as priming layer followed by two coats of Transpoxy Glascote.

Transpoxy Glascote is a high solids, glassflake epoxy and offers an outstanding corrosion protection which was proven during a recent inspection session.

After nearly 8 year of service, the coating system proved to be in pristine condition. Only 4 cans of paint were required just for repairing mechanical damages!

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