News from the Emirate

Transocean member in Untied Arab Emirates, National Paints made good progress in sales over the last years. First they achieved that Transocean Paints was awarded with the 3-year contract for supplying paints for maintenance of all facilities of National Drilling Corporation, a part of the Abu Dhabi based ADNOC.

Secondly, a 2-year contract was won for supplying all paints to projects of National Petroleum Construction Corporation.

Apart from that, this edition of Transocean news highlights two recent projects in the marine field.

Desalination Barge Rumaith is owned by Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (part of ADWEA) and is anchored off Dalan Island. The barge came in dry-dock for major refurbishment of the outside hull, decks, ballast tanks, fresh water tanks, internal processing areas and superstructures. In total some 12.000 square meters needed to be painted.

Transacryl Finish was used a finish coat for all exterior areas as it provides excellent colour retention and is easy to repair by the crew, which would be required when operational processes cause any damage.

Other products used were Transpoxy Masterbond for various areas, Transpoxy Tar 2.12 for the ballast tanks and solvent free Transpoxy Guard 4.64 for all fresh water tanks.

Transosil Aluminium was used as a heat resistant finish for boilers and chimneys.
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