Petrojet offshore projects select Transocean paints for protection

One of the better-known success stories among international oil and gas companies over the past 25 years has been Egypt’s dedicated and respected construction arm, Petrojet, the undisputed leader in the fabrication, construction and installation of processing plants, pipelines and industrial facilities.

The backbone of Petrojet is its 15,000-strong work force. The ratio of engineers to workers at most similar companies is 1 to 30 or even 1 to 50, but at Petrojet, the ratio is 1 to 10, which allows the firm to be continually training technicians to stay ahead of the competition. The company operates on the premise that competition promotes quality service. Petrojet currently has three main activities: construction, manufacturing and installations. Petrojet also has a manufacturing yard and marina in Alexandria and a factory that manufactures static equipment like pressure vessels, air coolers, heater chambers, modular plants and units.

Recently a Stinger project was completed at Petrojet El-Maadia Yard for owner Petroleum Marine Services. Heavy duty paints from Transocean Coatings were selected to protect the structure during its lifetime. Transpoxy Masterbond Aluminium was used as priming layer followed by two coats of Transpoxy Glascote. Transpoxy Glascote is a high solids, glassflake epoxy and offers an outstanding corrosion protection as well as a good alround chemical resistance. Transpoxy Glascote meets the Norsok specifications for splashzones as well as for all above waterline areas. As the product has been used extensively in the offshore market such as for instance several oil platforms and semi-submersibles, it was no surprise to Transocean that PMS decided to specify Transpoxy Glascote for the Stinger too.

Another offshore related project in Egypt that deserves mention is the construction of a CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) buoy at El-Timsah yard for owner SUMED. For this object, Transozinc epoxy primer was used a primer for all exterior and well as tank internal areas. Tank internals and underwater areas were subsequently protected with Transpoxy Tar and in case of the outside underwater area, finished with Transocean Cleanship Antifouling. For the above waterline area a tarfree epoxy was specified in order to avoid the tar bleeding in the yellow finish layer. Transpoxy Barrier was a logical choice as it offers good protection and can be recoated by various finishes, in this case Transacryl Finish.

All Transocean paints for the PMS Stinger as well as for the Sumed buoy were supplied by Sipes, Transocean member in Egypt.
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