Product highlight - Transoweld Primer 1.56

Any pre-construction primer must meet critical parameters for compatibility with the welding process. Weld through primer must not reduce weld strength and likewise it must not create a weld deficient in porosity and other aspects. For decades, Transocean Shopprimers have been successfully used for the temporary protection of steel.

Demands for increased productivity, varying climates as well as the introduction of automatic and semi-automatic welding techniques has given Transocean Coatings a challenge to offer their customers tailor made options. In addition, concern for health and safety of workers has to be taken into account as well.

Transocean now has introduced a silicate shopprimer that meets all demands. Transoweld Primer 1.56 has low-zinc content for optimum cutting and welding performance. The welding quality was tested by the well-know institute SLV in Duisburg, Germany. With a porosity of only 10 mm of mean total area of poros, Transoweld more than complies with the specified limit of 125 mm. Transoweld Primer offers improved health and safety condition as analysis of welding fumes show zero amount of toxic formaldehyde and cyanide. Also Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous fumes are well below specifications.

As such Transoweld Primer 1.56 was approved by Germanische Lloyd for use as a shop primer. Beside the compliance with technical and environmental standards, Transoweld Primer also provides excellent application properties.

For instance, ODS b.v. is a metal production- and distribution company in the Netherlands having a long history in the metal industry, which goes back to the year 1798. Now, it has grown to a major company with an annual turnover of more than 300 mill euro. Their Amsterdam branch operates a fully automatic blasting and painting line with a incidental peak production of some 700 tons of steel per day.

According to location manager Mr. Dries Visser, Transoweld Primer 1.56 offers excellent results and good production rates. Of equal importance is the good service provided by Transocean’s member in the Netherlands, Zandleven Coatings. With other paint companies Mr. Visser has ex- perienced problems with supply, something which had caused major delay in his planning. With Transocean, supplies are always on time and with the excellent results in practice, Transoweld Primer 1.56 has become the preferred shop primer for ODS.
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