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Iran Abadan and Iran Abadeh are A-class Tankers from National Iranian Tanker Co. (NITC). The vessels have an overall length of 248 m and a depth of 20 m. Operational speed of these 98.000 DWT vessels is 15 knots. Both vessels were recently dry docked in Dubai Drydock for major refurbishment of the exterior hull painting system.

A high performance epoxy system was selected consisting of Transpoxy Masterbond as priming layer for all areas. On all areas where a higher degree of protection against abrasion was desired such as Boottop areas which are prone to fender abrasion, Transpoxy ARC was specified as a second layer.

Transpoxy ARC is a pure epoxy and pairs corrosion protection with excellent mechnical properties. The product has been used extensively not only in the marine market but also in the offshore market. As such Transpoxy ARC meets specifications of Norsok M-501 for corrosion protection and compatibility with cathodic protection.

Subsequently, Transvinypox HS was applied as the final layer in the anticorrosive system as it provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as good recoatability with Transocean Antifouling systems and all Transocean finishing systems. Self-polishing Transocean Cleanship 2.95 was applied as Antifouling system while Transothane Finish was used to provide all topside areas with a new fresh look.

For both vessels, 2 Transocean inspectors supervised the dockings and ensured a proper application of the paint systems while simultaneously the yard time schedules were kept.
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