Protective power by Transocean Coatings in Central America!

More than 90% of the total energy generated in Costa Rica is coming from "green sources". Hydroelectric and Geothermic Power stations can be found all through Costa Rica. The amount of paint involved in each project is dependent on the length and the dimension of the pipes. Pipe length can vary to a hundred meters to a few kilometres while pipe diameter range from 2 meters to almost 6 meters.

Transocean has been the leading paint supplier for many years and has supplied all paints to the largest projects such as Angostura and Miravalles.

The paintwork involved can be divided in three main areas; pipes, oscillation tower and steelwork in and around the turbine hall.
Turbine steelwork is erected on site by cutting steel bars to sizes and assembled to a construction segment. The whole segment is then blast cleaned and painted.

Pipes and oscillation tower arrive in sections and are assembled on location. The full paint system for Pipe- and oscillation tower sections is shop-applied. After assemblage in the field, weld sections are treated and painted. The used paint system for exterior pipe- and oscillation tower sections is Transozinc Silicate followed by Transpoxy Intermediate and Transurethane Finish. Interior parts were protected by Transozinc Silicate and Transpoxy Tar for a long lasting water resistance.
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