Reach for the sky! Monumental protection in Kazakhstan

Through member company National Paints, Transocean has been active in Kazakhstan for several years. Being the only foreign brand with production facilities in Kazakhstan, Transocean products as well as costumer service are highly appreciated in the market.

For instance, the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan was celebrated with the 97 m tall Astana-Baiterek monument located in Astana, the capital of the country.

Baiterek means tree and the monument symbolizes a sacred tree with a bird’s egg in the form of a glass sphere in the crown. Construction company Imstalcon was responsible for the whole project and selected Transocean from otherinternational brands as Transocean paints not only fully met the construction codes and standards but as well could rely on the excellent service provided by National Paints throughout the project. As the only paint company, Transocean Coatings was present on the Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition, held from 5-8th October in Almaty.

On this occasion, Transocean’s general manager Kees Zaal visited the exhibition and visited another customer of Transocean Coatings, Byelkamit JSC JV. Byelkamit used to be the sole manufacturer of torpedo heads for the Russian Navy. With the independence of Kazakhstan, Byelkamit was transformed into a construction company specialising in pressure vessels, storage tanks and steel constructions.
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