Recent works from Apco Coatings.

Apco Coatings, a division of Asian Paints, are Transocean's member company for the Australasian-Pacific region with factories/offices in Australia, New Zealand and on many Pacific Islands such as Fiji and the Solomon islands.
Fiji's main and largest island, Vita Levu, is where the shipping industry is located and also where repair facilities are available.

Since the island is home of several fishing companies, fishing vessels (especially tuna fishing) are regular customers of the shipyard and as matter of fact, customers of Apco Coatings too. Besides fishing vessels, on the slipway in Suva, the capital of the archipelago, one can spot cargo vessels, ships of the Fijian Navy and various tourist boats.

Single pack coating systems are frequently used and the docking of the "Dae Sung" is a typical example. Dae Sung's topsides where touched up with Transoprene Silverprimer and finished with Transvinyl Finish whereas Transbarrier Vinyl was used for the underwater hull.

Alternatively, two-pack systems are used when more durability is required or desired by the customer. In case of 'Nei Matangare' the outside hull painting system was upgraded to an epoxy system comprising of Transpoxy Primer and Transpoxy Intermediate. Topsides and boottops were finished with Transurethane Finish. Both 'Dae Sung' and 'Nei Matangare' were protected with a Transocean Masterline 2.80 antifouling system.
Transocean Masterline is a range of tin-SPC antifoulings and still preferred by many ship owners although the IMO ban (2003) on the application of tin-based products is not far away anymore. However, Transocean has proven to be ready for the change towards tinfree systems as the Cleanship range of tinfree-SPC antifoulings has been successfully in use since 1990.
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