Record time overhaul in Argentina

Every once in a while, Transocean advisors find themselves with almost a mission impossible. Such seemed to be the case when the floating Casino, ‘Estrella de la Fortuna’ (literally ‘star of fortune’) located in Buenos Aires port had to be drydocked for main-tenance. However, every day spent in dock would mean a tremendous loss of income as the casino is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, target repair time was 2 days, which meant there was no room for errors in planning. Prior to docking, technical advisors from Pinturas Platamar, the Transocean member company in Argentina carried our a preliminary inspection of the hull and discussed the project with the yard, Tandanor. It was clear that weather conditions had to be favourable in order to ensure a quality job. Obviously, time did not allow for a proper surface preparation and when in dock, corroded areas on the underwater hull were spot blasted to Sa1-ISO 8501 and primed with Transpoxy Masterbond. On the same day, another full coat of Transpoxy Masterbond was applied and the following day Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 2.97 was applied in a single coat of 150 microns.

Refloating the following day meant mission completed and of course Transocean technical supervisors considered themselves fortunate with the fine weather conditions, but what else can you expect from a vessel named ‘Estrella de la Fortuna’ !
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