Smaltolin of Greece starts as Transocean member

Smaltolin has been manufacturing coatings in Greece since 1985.The emphasis has always been on industrial and marine coatings and over the years Smaltolin's activities grew not only in the Greek market but in foreign markets too.

Smaltolin operates from its headquarters in Piraeus and their factory in Koropi, where it houses an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant, research & development department and quality control laboratory.

The extensive experience of the company in the providing anticorrosion protection of industrial installations comprises the construction and maintenance of harbor installations, refineries, power production plants, storage and distributions networks of fuel, natural gas and potable water.

SMALTOLIN SA has become a trusted name in the Greek market for supply of quality anticorrosive paints in combination with an excellent customer service.
Their customer service concept is enhanced by Smaltolin's dealership of Elcometer, a wellknown supplier of inspection equipment.

Now, in 2014 Smaltolin has joined Transocean Coatings in order to benefit from its experience, certificates and approvals in the marine and protective coatings market. Transocean Coatings welcomes the extention to its network and sees mutual advantages in the cooperation between both organisations.

For more information you can contact Mr Kallinis Konstantinos or Mrs Kallini Mirella.

Kontoni 19-21 - Ag. Ioannis Rentis
Tel: +30 210 4827442    

Thesi Tzima Profarta
GR 19400 PO BOX 322
Tel: +30 210 6627280, +30 210 6628253-4
Fax: +30 210 6627281

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