Transocean Coating systems pass IMO-COT test.

These requirements were laid down by IMO in MSC.288(87) - Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for Cargo Oil Tanks of Crude Oil Tankers.
Similar to the water ballast tank standard, it is designed to achieve a target coating lifetime of 15 years in cargo oil tanks of newly constructed crude oil tankers with a deadweight tonnage over 5.000 DWT.

Testing was carried out by the independent laboratory COT in Netherlands who are accredited to carry out tests in accordance with the standard.

The test methods utilised were the results of considerable debate within the IMO working group as the testing method has to be representative for the conditions faced by coatings but at the same time pragmatic to carry out. For instance, testing in crude oil itself would be realistic of course but not pragmatic as compositions of crude oil vary a lot, even when the oil is from the same source.

Finally, two test methods were included in the standard. One test method requires exposure of the coating in a gas tight cabinet to a gas mixture simulating the composition of the vapour phase in crude oil tanks.
The other test is a six months immersion of the coating in a defined and specific mixture of chemicals which would simulate immersion in so-called sour crude oil.

Transpoxy Masterbond BT and Transpoxy Novacure passed these two tests meaning that after the exposure times, the coating systems did not show any blister, rusting or any other defects.

Transpoxy Novacure is a phenolic solvent free epoxy and was introduced in the range quite recently. Transpoxy Masterbond BT has been around much longer in the market and is used by costumer in the protective coatings market as well as the marine market. The product has been approved by latest Shell standard and also successfully completed testing as IMO-PSPC coating system for water ballast tanks.

Therefore Transpoxy Masterbond BT offers great benefits to ship owners and shipyards as only one single product can be used for crude oil and water ballast tanks and still comply to both IMO-PSPC rules.
Beside these two designated vessel areas, Transpoxy Masterbond BT can be used as priming system for the whole ship. Whether applied on shop primer or directly on steel, the product will provide excellent corrosion protection.

Therefore a truly versatile product!

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