Transocean Coatings launch in India.

Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd or also known Growel is a long standing company in the industrial market.

The company was founded in 1957 when a team of young entrepreneurs started with the manufacturing and selling of Polishing compounds, Mops, Fibre, wheels etc. Subsequently, the company grew in leaps and bounds in the next decades and introduced newer technologies which now resulting in a complete offering for the metal industry available worldwide.

With the same entrepreneurial spirit, the company entered into the paint industry by the acquisition of Bombay Paints in 1994. Over the years Grauer & Weil has invested substantially in its paints division resulting in steady growth in sales and market presence. Their paints are in use by Oil & Gas segment ,  Thermal Power segment, Heavy Chemical Industry, Defence segment, Cross country drinking /irrigation water pipelines and selective Automotive & Marine segments.

Becoming member of the Transocean family, Grauer and Weil enters into a new phase of expansion as the introduction of the Transocean brand in the Indian market strengthen their current activities and opens new possibilities  too.

The company operates ISO 9001 certified factories in Dadra, Vapi and Barotiwala and is able to serve customer nationwide through its extensive network.

The Grauer and Weil membership of Transocean become visible at the latest edition of Paintindia 2016 which attracted many visitors to the booth.

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