Transocean paints world’s widest suspension bridge.

On May 15, 2019, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated the mega Rod El-Farag bridge. The bridge crosses the Nile north of Cairo, linking East Cairo with the north connection roads thereby avoiding the route through the congested city centre. 
The bridge was constructed by The Arab Contractors in Egypt and has six traffic lanes in each direction,  measuring 67.3 meters across, a feature that made it recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s widest suspension bridge.

The Bridge is 540 meters long with 2 major suspension towers of  92 meters tall and with an opening width of 300m, it has the largest navigational slot across the Nile. About a total distance of 1400 km of steel wire for 160 suspension cables were used in its construction.

Transocean Coatings member in Egypt, UBMC (Sipes) had been awarded with the contract to supply paint systems for all steel areas.
The system applied consist of Transpoxy HS Primer, a high solids epoxy primer followed by Transpoxy MasterMio, a high solids epoxy buildcoat and finished with Transurethane Finish HB.
The combination of Transpoxy HS primer, containing an active anti corrosive pigment (zinc phosphate) and Transpoxy MasterMio, containing a passive anticorrosive pigment (micaceous iron oxide) is a well-proven recipe for a long-lasting performance in C4 - C5 corrosive atmospheric conditions.

During the construction, Transocean technical service staff had been present 24/7 in order to ensure surface preparation and paint application was carried out correctly.
The award of such an prestigious project to Transocean is a clear proof of the high trust our customers place in the excellent quality of the Transocean products and our impeccable service too.


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