Transocean projects at Tandanor

brazil bargeAn example is for instance Brazilian company Vale, a global mining company active on all continents. Recently the company ordered the construction of 32 barges which will be used for river transportation in Brazil.
These barges were constructed at Tandanor Shipyard in Buenos Aires Argentina. The Transocean supplied the paint system for the outside hull of all the barges which consisted of 2 coats of Transpoxy Tar 2.12.

Another good customer of Transocean paints is the Argentine Navy - Prefectura Naval. Many vessels are painted by Transocean like for instance the nation's pride: Fregata Libertad.
Argentina Prefectura Naval latest addition to their fleet is vessel DF19 which used to be Estrella Atlantica, owned by Shell Compania Argentina de Petroleo SA who donated the vessel to the Coast Guard in 2010.

The state decided to convert the 28.750 DWT vessel into a floating light and pilot station. The vessel was repaired and modified at Tandanor Shipyard in 2011 and Transocean was selected for supplying the paints during the conversion.

System applied at underwater and boot top areas: 2 coats of  Transpoxy Masterbond followed by a coat of Transpoxy Sealer and 2 coats of Transocean Cleanship 2.97.

Topside areas were treated with the same anticorrosive system and finished with 2 coats of Transacryl Finish in Orange shade.

The vessel will be stationed between Uruguay and Argentina at the mouth of Rio Plata River.

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