Transocean wins maintenance contract of YPF

In Argentina, YPF controls 52% of total refining capacity through three strategically located refineries: La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires), Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza) and Plaza Huincul (Neuquén).
La Plata Refinery has a processing capacity of 30,000 m3 of oil/day, representing 30% of Argentina's total refining capacity.
It produces a complete range of products and derivatives, such as Liquified Petroleum Gas, kerosene, gas-oil, fuel-oil and naphthas
The two largest refineries (La Plata y Luján de Cuyo) are connected with sixteen storage and dispatch terminals (three of which are annexed to the refineries and another ten connected by sea or river) with a total storage capacity of approximately 980,000 cubic meters.

All paints have to be prequalified by Cidepint institute according to YPF paint specifications. Even after approval, still every paint shipment is again checked by Cidepint before it is approved for delivery.

Fresh painted in 2009.  Present condition after 5 years.
Completed in 2007.  Present condition after 7 years.

YPF has been using Transocean paints since 2006 and onwards.

The performance of Transocean's paints at YPF's location have been quite good as the two examples illustrates.

Tank 506 carrying lubricants was painted in 2009 while Tank 171 carrying jetfuel was painted in 2007.

The current condition of both tanks are excellent.

In both cases the priming system is the same; Transozinc Silicate and Transpoxy Mio, both according to YPF specifications respectively nr. 5 and nr. 9. Transurethane Finish either in black, matt or white, semigloss was used as finish coat.

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