Weir chooses Transocean paint system

Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals Africa manufacturers a range of slurry pumps, dewatering pumps and various other equipment for the mining industry.

The Alrode manufacturing site is 59 500 sq.m and demands strict quality control procedures from its works as well as from their suppliers.

Being an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2003 accredited facility, as well as being OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, Weir was highly interested in Transocean's recommendation to change their current 3-4 layer paint system into a 2 layer process.
Such system would provide Weir minerals with a more cost-efficient coating process and in addition a substantial reduction in solvent emission would be achieved as well.

The Transocean system consists of a 400 micron primer/buildcoat layer of Transpoxy Guard, a solvent free epoxy with good resistance to water and oils.
Thereafter Transothane Finish HS would complement the system with the typical blue colour.

Transocean's system passed all technical tests required by Weir and has been accepted as their standard protective coating system.

Grindrod Locomotives has a 26 000 square metre facility in Pretoria consist of production lines for the build of main line, branchline or shunting locomotives, as well as the rebuild of locomotives and reconditioning of parts and spares.
All manufacturing is carried out indoors and for painting a full equipped booth has been installed enabling excellent finishing properties as the pictures illustrates.

Before starting Transocean's technical service staff provided Grindrod with a full and detailed worksheets, outlining exactly all surface preparation requirements for each area and at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Staff responsable for surface preparation and application were instructed accordingly and the whole process was monitored and recorded in quality control plans.

The coating system started with pre-construction primer Transoweld 1.56, a zinc silicate shopprimer offering excellent welding through properties and good anti-corrosive properties. 

An ideal base which was continued with Transpoxy Mio Primer as barrier coat and subsequently finished with Transothane HS as topcoat.
The fluorescent yellow finish was achieved by painting with Transocean Fluorescent Finish. 

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