Transocean has a wide range of products, which are manufactured in factories certified according to ISO 9001.

  • Coatings developed to withstand the attack of chemicals, abrasion and extremes of weather.
  • Coatings which are certified by independent institutes, government bodies or classification societies. Transocean offers paint systems that meet stringent (test) specifications as described in standards such as Norsok M-501, ISO 12944 (2018) part 6 or part 9 (formerly ISO-20340).

Please choose one of the following market areas to go directly to their respective datasheet sections. For information on the terminology used in the product datasheets, download our guidance document.



off-shore and protective
Offshore and
protective coatings




Some of our product famillies:

  • Transocean: Transocean Cleanship, Transocean Optima, Transocean Longlife, Transocean Ultima Finish, Transocean Armada Antifouling, Transocean Alkyd Barrier, Transocean Alkyd Primer, Transocean PU Finish, Transocean Enamel
  • Transpoxy: Transpoxy Masterbond, Transpoxy ARC, Transpoxy Tankguard, Transpoxy Novacure, Transpoxy Barrier, Transpoxy Guard, Transpoxy Finish,
  • Transozinc: Transozinc Epoxy Primer, Transozinc Silicate, Transozinc Epoxy, Transozinc HS, Transozinc Silicate Shopprimer
  • Transolac: Transolac Aluminium, Transolac Hold, Transolac Undercoat, Transolac Machinery, Transolac Deck, Transolac Boottop, Transolac Varnish, Transolac Finish QD
  • Transurethane: Transurethane Primer, Transurethane Shield, Transurethane Finish
  • Other product families include: Transogard, Transobox, Transosil, Transunilac, Transofine, Transvinypox, Transoprene, Transaqua, Transothane, Transowash, Transvinyl, Transbarrier, Transpoxyl, Transotherm, Transuniprene, Transoprime, Transacryl, Transoweld, Transoplate, TransTowe

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