Transocean Antifoulings - A reliable travel companion for all ships!

ship on slipway with peopleFouling on a ships hull increases drag and hull roughness resulting in speed reduction and higher fuel cost for the ship operator. Using Antifoulings is therefore an effective solution and worthwhile investment too. Antifoulings protect the hull by releasing biocides at the coating-seawater interface where it presents a hostile environment for fouling organisms.

The mechanism of biocide release can vary from antifouling to antifouling and depends on the type of ship, seawater conditions and coating system. Transocean therefore offers several Antifouling ranges to provide tailor made solutions for every ship. Our antifouling paints have been tested on several locations in the world such as the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. Thousands of ships rely on the protection of Transocean Antifouling systems.

By choosing Transocean you will find there always is an antifouling system to meet your specific technical and commercial needs.

The Transocean Antifouling Ranges:

Optima Longlife Cleanship Armada Ultima System

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