Armada conquers the world!

Transocean Armada is a high-performance Antifouling based on an acrylic polymer where silylmonomers are the active groups.

The silyl polymers can be hydrolysed in seawater and thereby works in a similar manner as the tributyltin polymers. See graphical representation below.










The hydrolysis rate is controlled and therefore a stable erosion rate is obtained leading to a steady release of biocides since as the silyl groups have no biocidal function, the presence of biocides is still required. Transocean Armada is compatible with standard Transocean Anticorrosive schemes and can be used to upgrade existing Cleanship systems.

Transocean Armada complies to IMO Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships (AFS/CONF/26), adopted 5 October 2001 in London.

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