Transocean Cleanship Range

Sailing without restrictions

Even before the use of tin-based antifoulings was banned for environmental reasons, Transocean was one of the first to respond (in the late nineteen eighties) with the tin-free Cleanship technology.

This Cleanship technology is based on a balanced mixture of biocides dispersed in a binder with hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics. When immersed in seawater, the hydrophilic/hydrophobic ratio of the binder changes, facilitating water penetration. During water penetration, the structure of the paint´s top layer changes from a water-in-paint solution to a paint-in-water emulsion. Simultaneous with this so called phase-inversion biocides are released and subsequently the whole process starts again with the next layer of paint.

This working mechanism provides the following benefits:

  • Life time proportional with applied dry film thickness
  • Efficient use of biocides
  • Self-renewable surface allowing easy recoating after service life

Transocean offers the Cleanship technology in four versions differing in erosion rate and biocide content.

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