Transocean Longlife antifoulings range

Combining lasting fouling protection and toughness

Our Longlife antifoulings are based on a combination of active pigments and biocides dispersed in a binder mixture of rosin and water insoluble resins. The structure of the dry paint film is designed in such a way that biocide particles such as cuprousoxide are in close contact with each other.Upon immersion in seawater, water-soluble compounds such as cuprousoxide and rosin dissolve first from the outermost layers and later dissolve and migrate from the depth of the film.

The whole process of dissolving and migrating of biocides through the film is in one word called ´leaching´. After the service period the coating consists of an intact, still active layer and a ´leached out´ porous top layer. As the paint thickness is not decreased due to the presence of insoluble resins in the film, working action and lifetime of Longlife type antifouling is determined by the leaching speed of biocides. Longlife type antifoulings offer longer service periods and stronger paint films than conventional antifoulings.

Transocean offers antifoulings with this working mechanism under the Longlife range. Dependent on sailing pattern, budget and desired level of fouling protection, a choice can be made between four Longlife qualities differing in type and content of biocide.

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