Transocean Optima Range

Conventional Antifoulings are essentially based on a combination of active pigments and biocides dispersed in a rosin dominated binder matrix. Cuprousoxide is the main biocide and in some cases extra fouling protection may be obtained by adding organic biocides or organic compounds. When immersed in seawater, the presence of rosin stimulates water penetration into the coating and as a result cuprousoxide dissolves and diffuses out of the coating.

The dissolving action decreases the paint film thickness as well. This simple working mechanism provides adequate fouling protection at an economic cost for a limited period of time.

Transocean offers these conventional antifoulings under the Optima range.

There are four Optima qualities different in life time and activity. All Optima qualities are tin-free if so desired a version containing organic biocides is available as well.

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