System specifications for marine coatings

When selecting a specific vessel area, you will find systems listed as generic types trying to catch the main characteristic of the system in one keyword. In general this keyword will refer to binders used in paints forming a particular system.
In some cases an additional keyword is added in order to emphasize a special feature of the system.
For example ‘abrasion resistant epoxy’ contains the keyword epoxy referring to the binder type while abrasion resistant points out an important feature of the system.
The actual choice of system is dependent on several factors such as vessel condition, lifetime requirements and budget. The quality of surface preparation and method of paint application might influence the choice of system as well.

Application Area

 Underwater Hull
 to be recoated with Antifouling
Topsides  System specifications
 Decks  Superstructures
 Holds  Interiors
 Tanks  Void Spaces


Not all Transocean products and systems are represented.
To avoid confusion and for sake of clarity, the number of systems is limited to the ones that are believed to be commonly used. System recommendations give the reader a quick review of the possibilities and may provide a starting point for fruitful discussions with your local Transocean representative.

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