Offshore structures

Offshore coatings brochureOffshore structures, especially the splash zone areas face severe corrosive conditions. Maintenance of these structures brings several problems. In some areas of the world, the climate is very unpredictable implicating that in general thorough surface preparation is not possible and painting work can be interrupted unexpectedly. Getting it right from the start makes very much sense in the oil and gas market since access and window of opportunity is a major obstacle for maintenance painting.

Oil companies have therefore raised the standards on material protection and selection. For paints, prequalification standards exist which aim to deliver systems with at least 15 year lifetime. Accelerated cycle corrosion tests like ISO12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) and Norsok M-501 are used by many major oil companies in addition to specific testing on immersion resistance and compatibility with cathodic protection.

All the above makes clear that any paint company active in this market has to be dedicated to corrosion protection.

Transocean Coatings is able to take on this challenge and in fact since 1959, Transocean Coatings have been supplying the market with high quality paints combined with an excellent service. Products which have proven their worth in the market for decades such as the Transpoxy Masterbond range of surface tolerant epoxies.

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