Storage Tanks

large oil storage tank on land For fixed roof tanks, the same system can be used for the shell, for the roof and also for the accessories. in general the environment dictates the choice. For floating roof tanks, the roof painting system should foresee the formation of zones where rainwater might collect resulting in a highly corrosive condition.A careful blasting and a painting system as impermeable as possible in the expected working conditions are recommended.

Regarding tank interiors, the choice of the type of system depends on the product or products that the tank will contain, as well as the washing methods it will have to bear with each change or for routine cleaning. Blast cleaning to ISO 8501/1-Sa 2,5 or better is usually required. Proper cleaning after blasting is of paramount importance since even the smallest abrasive particle that has not been vacuumed off can cause osmotic blistering or delamination of the coating.

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