Protect your yachting pleasure: use Transocean

Why using paints?
Pleasure crafts are made out of different materials; metal (steel, aluminium), wood or Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP). Left unpainted, marine conditions will deteriorate these materials. Besides offering protection, coating systems have a decorative function too although for some areas the emphasis is more on the protective component such as antifoulings and ballast tanks.
wooden hull yacht on slipway colourful hull hull painting on slipway

Which paint first?
Coating systems can be divided into 3 groups according to their function in the system.

Primers have a good adhesion to the substrate and provide a solid base for recoating
Intermediate or barrier coats are applied in order to enhance the overall protection and to provide a good intercoat adhesion
The topcoat gives the required colour and gloss and provides protection against various influences such as sunlight, weather and abrasive impact
The topcoat must be regularly renewed to keep the boat permanently in a good condition. It is advised to remove the total paint system from time to time, as the yearly maintenance results in a build-up of layers. Too thick layers not only increase the weight but also the internal stress. This leads to delamination of the total coating system.

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