Aluminum protection for yachts

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Aluminum is a light and rigid material, which makes it an excellent material for the construction of powerboats for instance. Prevetive paint systems in combination with the correct surface preparation are requires to prevent corrision. It is therefore that special antifoulings have to be selected since the use of copperoxide based antifoulings may lead to pitting corrosion.

For new boats or full refurbishment remove any corroded top layer by light abrasive blasting using low pressure and non metallic abrasive (e.g. garnet) or by using mechanical sanding discs.

Alternatively, the aluminum can be etched by using an acidic solution or etch primer. Transocean Gelclean can be used for this purpose. High-pressure wash with fresh water and allow drying prior to application of Transocean Metal Primer.

The system box gives our recommendation for a full refurbishment and for touch-up of spot repairs. In case of painting over an intact epoxy protective system, apply one or two coats Transocean Sealer prior to recoating with an appropriate Transocean antifouling system.

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