Steel protection for yachts

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Steel is a very durable material for boat construction provided that the paint system used has good anticorrosive properties. It is important to realize that a correct surface preparation is essential as well.

In case of a new construction, we advise to contact your local Transocean representative.

For maintenance of existing paint systems, grit blasting, high-pressure water jetting and mechanical sanding discs are suitable methods of preparation.

When the whole paint system has to be removed, blasting is preferred as it is faster and leaves a better result. Blast cleaning should be to Sa 2,5 - ISO 8501 standard, After blasting, immediately apply a coat of Transocean Epoxy Primer. Secondary surface preparation includes smoothening of weld weams, remove weld splatter and rounding of sharp edges. The system box gives our recommendation for a full refurbishment and for touch-up of spot repairs. In case of painting over an intact epoxy protective system, apply one or two coats Transocean Sealer prior to recoating with an appropriate Transocean antifouling system.

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