Wood protection for yachts

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Wood Maintenance
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Timber is the traditional material for boat building and is still frequently used, perhaps because wood presents a warm finish. Wood does need more initial protection and maintenance to avoid the effects of moisture and UV-radiation.

Ensure substrates are completely dry, clean and without oil, grease, adhesive or any other substance. Sand the entire surface and remove the remaining dust with dry rags or rags slightly dampened with water (not solvent). Apply Transocean Wood Sealer by brush to impregnate the wood fibers. Alternatively, the wood can be permanently protected by using Transocean Resin System.

The protection of Transocean Resin System can be reinforced by using glass fibre sheets. Wood 3

The system box gives two recommendations for a full refurbishment and for touch-up of spot repair. In case of painting over an intact epoxy protective system, apply one or two coats Transocean Sealer prior to recoating with an appropriate Transocean antifouling system.

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