Problems & Solutions

Problem Cause Solution
Paint is 'cooking'. Formation of
bubbles during application.
Air entrapment due to vigorous mixing. Let paint rest prior to application.
Substrate is porous. Use a sealer first, or use more thinner in order to facilitate air release.
Presence of moisture. Surface must be dry, substrate temperature must be at least 3°C above dewpoint.
Presence of moisture. Avoid painting in direct sunlight and on midday. Provide shading.
Paint sags, drips.
See example
Excessive wet film thickness. Sand off runs and drips. read usage instructions carefully and apply a new coat correctly.
Excessive use of thinner.
Applied paint looks
like 'Orange skin'.
See example
Paint is too thick. Use correct thinner.
Read instructions.
Paint is too cold. Warm paint up or wait till weather improves.
Wrong spraying technique. Use correct pressure and apply from the right distance (approx. 0,5 m).
Paint does not dry.
Climate condition is too cold. Provide more ventilation.
Wrong thinner. Wait if drying improves. If not, remove whole paint layer. Read instructions and apply a fresh coat.
Wrong mixing ratio (in case of 2-pack paint).
Absorption of moisture. Do not let cans open if not used immediately.
See example
Surface is damp, humid. Ensure substrate temperature is at least 3° above dewpoint
Solvent retention due to excessive film thickness or premature recoating. Sand off blisters to a smooth layer. Apply a fresh layer (including primer if necessary).
Presence of contamination.
See example
Insufficient drying of undercoat. When paint is still wet, scrape off layer and clean substrate with thinner. If the plate is already dry, sand to a smooth layer, clean and apply a fresh layer or use the correct product.
Application of 2-pack paint on top of single pack product.
Excessive film thickness.
Solvent retention due to painting in direct sunlight.
Paint peels off
See example
Presence of contamination. Remove loose paint layers, degrease, clean and sand substrate correctly. Apply fresh layer and observe instructions.
Substrate was not sanded.
Recoating time was exceeded.
See example
Application of 2-pack paint on top of single pack product. Remove whole paint layer, clean substrate and apply corrrect product.
Recoating time was exceeded. Sand to smooth layer. Apply fresh layer and observe instructions.
Brush marks
Paint is too thick for brush application. Sand to smooth layer. Thin paint with correct thinner and apply a fresh layer.
Paint applied too thin. Use recommended brush.
In case of two-pack product, pot life has been exceeded. Sand to smooth layer. Apply fresh layer and observe pot life instructions.
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