Which grade of sandpaper?

Transocean recommendations for sanding

When repainting an old painting system, sanding has to be done in order to ensure adhesion of the fresh paint layers. The underwater hull should be roughened with a coarse grade but with leaving the undercoat intact. Always wet the hull and sandpaper with water in order to reduce the amount of dust (especially when sanding antifoulings). Do wear protective clothing and mask too. For above waterline areas a fine grade can be used. See the table below to select the right grade for the desired type of work.

Type of work  Corresponding grade of sand paper 
  Wet Dry
Removal of old paint and residues 80-120 40-80
Sanding filler or primer 120-220 80-120
Final sanding of filler 220-400 120-220
Removal of surface defects 400-600 220-280
Sanding prior to topcoat 600-800 280-400
Removal small paint defects
(drips, brush marks)
800-1200 800-1200


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