Documents to help understand the Transocean Coatings product portfolio, the terminology used and tools to assist in preparing for your next coating project.

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Guidance to Transocean Coatings product datasheets (PDS).
Download this document for an introduction on how to interpret product data. Explanation and definitions of terminology used on PDS, from volume solids to recoating intervals and loss factor.

Read up on paint components and how paint provides corrosion protection in our Principles of paint document.

The Glossary of paint terms is available to help understand some of the jargon of the protective and marine coatings industry.

Surface preparation: read about different tools and methods, standards used etc. Good understanding of surface preparation can help to ensure coating performance before paint application.

The Paint application document gives information about application techniques, trouble shooting, etc.

Dry dock procedures: find introductory guidance with points of attention during a dry-docking with focus on the underwater-hull parts that require anti-fouling paint.

Introduction to health and safety aspects, gives information on some of the safety aspects of working with Marine and Protective Coatings, not a replacement for expert advice or regulations.

Calculation and tools

Coverage: read about spreading rates and effects of thinning, helping you to understand paint consumption calculations.

In the Area Estimation document we explain about the ways to estimate ships' underwater hull (wetted) areas, topside and deck areas based on vessel type and dimensions.

Download our Excel calculation tool for spreading rate calculations, hull area estimation and tank and pipe area calculations on your own computer.
(requires Microsoft Office)

Our Excel conversion calculator for metric values is available to download and helpful when working with product properties such as spreading rate, film thickness and temperatures converting (square)metres to (square)feet, litres to gallons, microns to mils and Celcius to Fahrenheit and Kelvin, etc.
(requires Microsoft Office, may also work with other spreadsheet software).


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